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Rossá Mac Ciarnáin

Rossá Mac Ciarnáin

Need help on how to write your physics thesis or dissertation, how to write physics publications which are accepted into leading journals or just to improve the level of your physics writing in English? can help you concentrate on your research while we make your writing perfect!


My name is Dr. Rossá Gerard Mac Ciarnáin. I was awarded my PhD in physics with the Magna Cum Laude grade and I am the first-author of a Nature journal publication.


It is tradition in Germany that your colleagues make you a personal PhD hat upon graduation

I have set up the first service by a native English-speaking Physics PhD to help physics students write documents in English. You can send me one page to proofread and correct today for free to see how good my service is!

When I started writing my PhD thesis or dissertation, I couldn’t find any real advice from students who have just finished, so I have decided to write these blog posts to share my knowledge with anybody starting to write their physics thesis. These tips are of course very relevant for a physics master thesis too!

If you will write a physics thesis, have a look at my article 10 tips you must know before starting – how to write a physics thesis or dissertation to make the best start on your thesis and save a lot of time when writing!

If you have already started to write, check out my article 10 tips you must know – how to write a physics thesis or dissertation to help save you time and write a brilliant thesis!

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